Respect Life Corner

God’s Gift of Forgiveness – The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation is one of the means by which our relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church is healed, restored and ultimately strengthened. Learn, Act, Connect, Pray: Even before anyone of us can consider seeking forgiveness in the Sacrament of Penance, we know God is already at work[…]

Christ in Christmas – the reason for the season……

Christ in Christmas – the reason for the season…… I am quickly realizing that the biggest obstacle with having a blog is first trying to figuring out from all the great things to write about which ones make the most sense to write about, and the secondly making the time to do it – a[…]

SPPCS Spotlight

Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic School’s students, faculty, and staff have spent the weeks of December, preparing for the Christmas Mass. Grandparents, parents, and friends were invited weeks ago, and were welcomed to church by student greeters. With packed pews, and many visitors standing, the junior high students began the Mass with a candlelit processional.[…]

Non-Registered Members

If you are not receiving parish mailings or envelopes you may not be registered in our Parish data system. If you did not complete a Census Form you may not be registered as a SsPP member. If you moved, got married, and didn’t tell us your new address – we cannot send your envelopes and church mailings. We invite[…]