465 Gold Rush tickets have been sold so far! The winners of the 2$1,000 awards last weekend were the Dermody Grandchildren and the partnership of Joe Koesterer, Mary Hirsch, Tom Koesterer, and Bill Koesterer. If you have not yet purchased a ticket, you can still do so and you have 7 more chances to win $1,000 or more on the 3 Early Bird drawings and 4big prizes. This is one of the largest fundraisers for the

This is one of the largest fundraisers for the parish and school, and its success depends on you. All net profits are divided evenly between the parish general fund and parish grade school. Tickets are $100 each or you can get a group together to buy one or more tickets. If your ticket is drawn for any of theEarly Bird prizes, it then goes back in the drawings so you have more chances to win $1,000 or more. The next Early Bird drawing is on July 15. Grand Prize drawings are pulled onSaturday, October 7, at the Holy Name TriviaNight. Just 600 tickets total will be sold, and you can get them at the parish office or by contacting Staci Wittenauer (wittens@mac.com or 618.791.7131).

Thank you for your support. Good luck!