Your Help Needed: Be a Friend of The Messenger

Like many newspapers today, our diocesan newspaper, The Messenger, is struggling to meet its ever-increasing production and postage costs and is asking for your help.  If you don’t presently subscribe to the newspaper, please consider being a Friend of The Messenger by taking a subscription.  If you already subscribe, why not provide a family member or friend with a gift subscription. A full year’s subscription – that’s 26 issues – is only $25, delivered right to your mail box; or the print and online edition are available for $30.


If you recently received a letter from The Messenger, consider returning your subscription form that was included today.  You may also subscribe by visiting The Messenger website  —  We are your Faith Resource in southern Illinois.  Subscribe for yourself or a friend today or call 618-233-8670 for additional information.  Thank you for your consideration and help.